Level Lawn is a local sod installation company. We service the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas. With many years experience in not just sod installation but also in landscaping and lawn maintenance. We are also available by phone to answer all your sod or grass related questions or concerns.

We use local Florida sod farms’ products for all our sod grass installations. These Florida sod farmers are dedicated to producing the finest grasses. Our sod is cut to order and delivered to you or installed the day it is cut. You are having installed a same day cut product which increases the survival rate of the sod installation. A great product along with the best after installation instructions insures your sod grass will look great. Our customers, great reviews, and word of mouth advertising has made us what we are today.

You can also call Level Lawn and we will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding sod installation in Jacksonville, Jacksonville sod prices or Jacksonville sod for sale.

St Augustine Grass Maintenance

St. Augustine grass maintenance regiment is important to keeping your sod grass healthy and to prevent grass insect damage, sod disease damage, and free of weeds. There are four major components to St. Augustine grass maintenance: watering, fertilizing, mowing and treatments to prevent disease, insect or weed damage.

1. Watering
2. Fertilizer
3. Mowing
4. Pest Control