Level Lawn Prices / FAQ Question

  • 1Level Lawn prices are determined by several factors: the species of sod, the number of pallets and is it being delivered or installed.  Most Jacksonville sod companies including Level Lawn, will schedule an appointment with you to diagnose your diseased or damaged grass, take a proper square foot measurement, and discuss with you the best sod grass species to fit your needs.
  • 2The species of sod grass is one factor in determining the cost per pallet whether it is delivered or installed. Level Lawn prices from the least expensive to the most expensive are Bahia grass, St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass.  You can also expect to pay a little more for the more shade tolerant cultivars or cultivars which are considered better overall quality of each species.
  • 3Level Lawn, as well as most sod installation companies, price sod per pallet is also based on the number of pallets being installed at one time.  Loading trailers, equipment and travel are all fixed costs so the fewer the pallets usually the more expensive per pallet.  Our Jacksonville sod prices are based on a graduated scale and depending on the square footage of your sod replacement, and the square footage per pallet of your selected sod grass species will be a factor in your sod prices.
  • 4Location, location, location.  If the area of sod grass being replaced is in a back yard or fenced in and the gate opening diameter is less than 10 feet wide, the price per pallet will be a little more.  Because we use a forklift to spot sod for easy access it takes less man hours to install.  If the sod grass must be wheelbarrowed to the location of installation, this takes considerably longer to install and will be reflected in the price per pallet.
  • 5Most of the time there will be old dead or damaged sod grass and weeds which needs to be removed to the bare dirt before new sod grass can be laid.  In the event that we are installing sod on dirt from a graded lot, pool install, or new construction the price per pallet will be less than if it includes clean up as well.  If inquiring about a quote by phone or email be sure to indicate all the necessary information for fair and competitive Level Lawn prices.